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Updated Aug. 7, 2020

Standing LadyWhat's Going On at SHES?
There are normally seven members on the board of directors. The current members of the board are Ed Campbell, Robyn H. Freebyrd, Joy Moulton, Joe Kalama, Kathleen Brineman, and Ak Woode, with John Allen and Lou Jay Free as alternates. Six of the members are elected by the congregations for staggered three year terms or until their replacements are elected and qualify, while the remaining founder, Ed Campbell has permanent membership on the board until death or retirement unless the congregational membership decides to remove him through amendments to the Articles of Incorporation. This year the majority of the board will be selected again. As the Assembly membership grows, change and enlargement of the board is envisioned and suggestions are always welcome.

The first ordination of ministers occurred on May 31, 1988, and ordinations are now conducted by any two ministers when ever there is a need. Diplomats of Earth Stewardship and Certified Spiritual Healers will be appointed on the nomination of any member congregation and do not need to be ordained. Contact us for specific details.

The SHES Assembly plans future communications through the net and may publish periodical newsletters or information pamphlets devoted not only to the activities of its membership and trusted servants but also to question of religious liberty, scientific inquiry, deep ecology, and curriculums for children to promote and preserve their inherent psychic powers and appreciation and communication with all of the living earth.

The assembly also publishes a loose-leaf Minister's Handbook with suggestions for ceremonies where the practitioner might seek help. It also lists resources for various ceremonies and includes articles on the ministry from different perspectives and includes some legal and practical information on various requirements and rights of the ministry. The publication is designed to be updated from time to time by the assembly as well as by the owners of the books and all SHES are invited to participate in its growth. It contains instructions on Ministry ordination.

The assembly is supported by the donations of members, trusted servants and friends and a considerable amount of just hard - and/or - time consuming labors of love.


How To Contact Us 

International Assembly of Spiritual Healers & Earth Stewards
8123 22nd Ave SW.
Seattle, WA 98196-1702

Telephone: 201 913 8267 (Ed Campbell)
Email: shes@seanet.com

SHES is supported by the donations of our members. Thank you for your support.