How Does One Become Affiliated?

Standing Lady

Any existing or proposed congregation formed by any two or more persons desiring to be identified and affiliated with the assembly, that will advise the assembly of those affiliation desires and the name and address of the congregation, will be welcomed into the International Assembly of SHES. The assembly may establish from time to time some procedures for keeping congregations on the rolls such as periodic reporting from the congregation that it still exists and wishes to continue it affiliation. No dues have been presently established although contributions by congregations and their members are certainly welcomed and encouraged to defray the assembly’s expenses.

How does one become a Trusted Servant?

Trusted servants are nominated by their congregations. Each trusted servant and each nominating congregation is requested to complete a nomination form and an agreement by the trusted servant to abide by a code of professional conduct. As a primary duty of all ministers is to perform public ritual to enhance the significance of events, ministers are ordained and each minister is invited to contribute to this ceremony. Any two SHES ministers can ordain new ministers.

The contents of the ordination ritual may differ widely from time, though it is hoped that it will remain a simple ceremony to enhance a joyous occasion. At the present time, there is no initiation ceremony for Certified Spiritual Healers or Diplomats of Earth Stewardship. This may change and Diplomats might chose to do a planting or something that symbolizes our stewardship. Spiritual Healers may find symbolic acceptance in some form of healing circles or other activity. No forms of ritual and initiation are mandated.