Minister Contacts

CountryStateCityOrdained Minister / Certified Healer / Earth Steward
United Kingdom
NorfolkEast Tuddenham
Vince Addis
Phone: (0)777 325 4616
Ordained Minister / Certified Healer / Earth Steward
MaryCatherine (Cathy) Burgess
Phone: +44 (0)131 558 9305
Ordained Minister
I was ordained in 1995 in the USA and lived in Omaha until moving to Scotland in 2001 for further education (where I also ended up working as a university multifaith chaplain).
Though most of my time is still in Scotland, I do have an Omaha phone number: (402) 556-7426.
All the weddings, ordinations, and celebrations of life/funerals I’ve conducted have been in Omaha.
United States
Kenji Kumara, M.A.
Phone: 425-583-0400
Fellowship Of Lightweavers
S.H.E.S. ordained minister and certified spiritual healer since 2006
Reiki Master/Teacher
Founder of Quantum Lightweaving
Masters in Early Childhood Education
Available for Sedona area ordinations: Channel ordination message from the Master and laying on of hands for alignment with your I AM Presence and ordination guides. Life changing event that will enhance your spiritual and healing practice on-going. Benefits are cumulative, profound and subtle. Ordination is 90 minutes and costs $85. Kenji has ordained over 265 students since 2007.
Angela Lester
Phone: 985-634-6040
Ordained Minister / Certified Healer
I’m a License Massage Therapist since 2007. Also a Ordained Minister (wedding officiant) since 2008, through Quantum Light Weavers. (The class I took & I got my ordained license through.)
New Jersey
Elaine M Egidio
North CarolinaWaynesville
Mandy Wildman
Phone: 828-564-3096
Ordained Minister
Chantal Farabee
Phone: 512-541-5489
Ordained Minister / Certified Healer / Earth Steward
Dorothy Wolvington
Ordained Minister / Certified Healer
DaKara Kies
Phone: 206-931-3300
Ordained Minister / Certified Healer / Earth Steward
Pam Tucker
Phone: 425-280-2858
Ordained Minister / Certified Healer
WashingtonFederal Way
Skip & Sha’ron Leingang
Phone: 253-335-3340
Ordained Minister / Certified Healer / Earth Steward
We conduct SHES Ordinations in person, and are the only ones in the world, to also perform them on-line. So you can become an ordained SHES Minister, Earth Steward, and Healer, from the comfort of your own home.
If you are interested in becoming ordained into the SHES Ministry, we offer an opportunity for you to do so.
We are a Metaphysical / Paranormal group, who approach our works from a spiritual point of view.
We conduct 22 to 27 events each month.
Events like the Psychic Showcase, Group Ghost Hunts, UFO & Sasquatch Watching, SHES Ordinations, RUNE Card Classes, Talking To The Other Side, Psychic 101 Classes, and Private Psychic Readings, as well as private Talking To The Other Side Sessions.
Skip & Sha’ron read together for you, and our readings are always recorded then Emailed to you, so you can listen to them any time you’d like, and you can download the audio file to your favorite device.
Some events are in person only, but the majority are conducted live, on-line. With 30 years of experience, we’ve learned the proper way, and the spiritual way to do our works.
Our intent is to teach about the Metaphysical and the Paranormal, making everyone aware that everyone has this ability, and only need to learn to tap into their abilities and refine them.
You can join in with us, from anywhere in the world, by opening our website at,
Renata Dunkle
Phone: 253-441-8560
Ordained Minister / Certified Healer / Earth Steward
Pete Eartheart
Phone: 360-733-5364
Ordained Minister / Certified Healer / Earth Steward
I was first Ordained as a S.H.E.S. Minister in 1995. At that time I was also an active licensed Dr of Chiropractic. Since then I feel as though I’ve graduated beyond chiropractic as defined in my home state of Washington. I continue to practice and evolve The “Body-Mind-Spirit Integrative Therapy” that I’ve been creating for over 45 years.
It is an energetic form of healing that synergizes and hones skills and techniques barrowed from many different healing and health disciplines, and other sources, that I have studied and learned over the years including: [certification and/or licensing in] Polarity Therapy, Reiki, massage, and chiropractic; and as a Registered Counselor in WA State before that professional designation was retired; personal growth workshops and seminars, Transformational Coach, lots of reading and listening to Spirit’s direction and insights.
Because I work at an energetic level of intuitive questioning and listening to my “Beneficiary’s” answers the work that I perform can be done remotely via phone or Zoom as effectively as in person “hands on” work.
I current offer my services on a “Love Offering” basis with a suggested minimum fee.
Tammy Steele
Phone: 425-681-8172
Ordained Minister / Certified Healer
WashingtonSeattle – Duwamish
Aloysious Todd
Ordained Minister / Earth Steward
micro-bio: In the last year I have become an ordained minister, this was in part to heal trauma within my ancestral line while giving me a platform to preach the gospel of truth. I am a land steward everywhere I go and am active in various indigenous led restoration and landback projects.