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Interesting links for Spiritual Healers & Earth Stewards

The links below may be of interest to spiritual healers and earth stewards. The listing of these links neither asserts or implies any endorsement of the practices or products found on them.

SHES Web Sites

SHES Member’s Web Site links

Astroheal, Astrology of Healing – Rev. Ingrid Naiman

Cancer Salves – Dr.Ingrid Naiman

Kitchen Doctor – Dr. Ingrid Naiman

Light & Sound Healing Ministry, Rev. Dr. Toni “Soaring Eagle” Mulberg, D.C.;
Prescott Valley, Arizona:

Lyrical Light Productions, Prof. Gail Barber

Numina, Rev. Ani

Reiki Ryoho Pages by Revs. Light and Adonea

Sacred Spaces, Rev. Toni Petrinovich

Samara Botaine, Rev. Marcia Elston

Stenberg, Rev. Hugo; SlÅttsveen, Norway:

Health Sites

American Psychological Association

Integrative Medicine, Natural Health and Alternative Therapies, Integrative Medical Arts Group

Botanical Approach to Cancer

Medical Astrology

IMAGUS, Integrative Body Mind Information System

Earth Stewardship Sites

Natural Resources Defense Counsel

Institute for Energy and Environmental Research

Consortium for International Earth Science Network

The Scripps Institution of Oceanography

Global Learning and Observation to Benefit the Environment

While many of you may not practice alternative health therapies regularly, others may.  We in SHES would like to be able to link with those who do and find good resource guides for that work.  Below are some of the sites that have been passed on to me and you may want to keep this memo for future reference.  Most deal with herbs, some with alternative medicine in general and one deals with prescription drugs.

Center For Science in the Public Interest

While some of the others cover HIV – AIDS this also is a resource in that area:

Something on teeth:

For Vaccine alternative information check The National Vaccine Information Center Click on the photos of the children. See also . Also see Dr. Len Horowitz’s site is A
comprehensive site with multiple links and information that. Here are some web sites on the negative aspect of immunization–

If you are interested in more knowledge or links about Ayurvedic Medicine:

Want something on DMSO?

Psychological issues (drugs & psychology)

Flower & Gem essences and more:

Occupational therapy site:

This service allows the public to verify FREE OF CHARGE the board certification status, location by city and state and specialty of any physician certified by one or more of the 24 Member Boards of the ABMS.

The national organization of and for people with mental retardation and related disabilities and their families. furnishes the following links:


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